February Release Notes

Fresh out the oven, check out what's new in Vitally

February 2023

Playbook Updates

Automatically Create a Doc

Use Playbooks to automatically create a Doc for an Account/Organization! Simply navigate to your Playbook -> Actions to find "Create an Account doc" or "Create an Organization doc". Once that action has been selected, you'll see a dropdown asking you to select a Doc Template.
Automatically create a Doc for an Account/Organization that meets certain rules
After everything has been saved, new Docs will automatically be generated for Accounts and Organizations matching your criteria. From there, you’ll simply need to navigate to that particular Doc, and then invite your desired users.
Example Use Cases:
  • Customer enters an "Onboarding" Segment -> Create an "Onboarding Plan" Doc
  • Customer is 60 days out from Renewal -> Create a "Renewal Planning" Doc
  • Customer has reached the "Adoption" phase -> Create a "Success Plan" Doc

Automate Organization Conversations

Create and manage conversations with your Organizations using the new "Start a Conversation" and "Reply to a Conversation" actions in Playbooks!
When starting a Conversation with an Organization, you can select an Organization’s Key Role as the sender. You can configure the action to send to any of the standard four audience types (Organization owners, All users, Specific users, or an Organization trait).
It works exactly the same as it does for Accounts. As a bonus, when you are configuring a "Start a Conversation" action targeting a User, you can select either an Account Key Role or an Organization Key Role from which to send.

Webhook Updates

We have made a variety of enhancements to Webhooks in Vitally Playbooks:
  • The "Ping a Webhook" Playbook action has been added under Organization Actions.
  • You can now ping a Webhook from Note-triggered Playbooks with details about the Note.
    • Use case: Notify 3rd party systems of Note changes as they occur. To do this, build a Playbook with the rule, "Note Updated At is less than a day ago." Then, select "Ping a Webhook" as an action and fill out the relevant details. Every time a Note is updated, it will ping the Webhook.
New Note action in Vitally's Playbook automation builder

Doc Updates

User Presence in Docs

To improve your internal collaboration experience, you can now see when your team members are looking at the same Vitally Doc!
In the top right corner, you can see the avatars of users who are looking at the same Doc. You can also hover over these avatars to get a full list of names. When any of your teammates are focused on a certain section of the document, you can see the same user indicator to the left of that section.
Note: Currently, this functionality applies to only Vitally Users, not end users (i.e., your customers).
Understand who is actively viewing or editing a Doc with user indicators

Embed Online Media

We’ve released the ability to embed multimedia within Docs! This allows users to customize Docs even further and share additional resources with customers.
Use cases include sharing a welcome video, embedding an onboarding PDF, showcasing a renewal presentation, and much more. To use this feature, navigate to a Doc or Doc Template and paste any publicly accessible URL into the Doc. You can also use /embed to pull up the menu option and insert a link from there.
Easily embed a variety of online resources to personalize Docs

Multi-User Editing Improvements

The multi-user editing experience has been enhanced!
Now, only one user can have access to make edits to a Vitally Doc at any given time. If two people are editing a Doc, the person who has made the most recent change will take priority. If the second user wants to make changes, they simply need to refresh the page or click "See latest version".
At the top, you'll see a banner that tells you when another Vitally user is editing the Doc and a button to see the latest version.

Integration Updates

Pendo: Sync Reports

We’ve released an update to our Pendo integration to support Report syncs. This allows you to define Reports in Pendo and sync that to Account or Organization Traits in Vitally. Reports are synced every 12 hours. To enable this, please contact [email protected].

HubSpot: Sync Parent Companies as Organizations

You can now sync HubSpot Parent Companies as Vitally Organizations. If your HubSpot hierarchy setup only involves companies this update is for you!
To enable it, navigate to Settings -> Integrations -> HubSpot -> Organizations -> Toggle on 'Org sync with HubSpot'. Note: This functionality may require you to re-authenticate your HubSpot account (you should see a prompt in-app if you need to do so).
If you have both Vitally Accounts and Organizations enabled, we'll sync HubSpot Companies that don't have a Parent ID as an Organization and HubSpot Companies that have a Parent as an Account.
Coming soon: The ability to sync HubSpot Companies, Deals, or Custom Objects as a Vitally Organization or Account.