Engage with Customers

Build out how you will actively work with your customers

💬 Conversations

View and start conversations with your accounts directly within Vitally. You can create Playbook automation to auto-schedule conversations at the correct times and make manual edits when further personalization is needed.

Learn how to create and send Conversations

✅ Projects & Tasks

Create a task management system to help guide the day-to-day priorities of your team & manage your customers' strategic initiatives through projects.


Projects provide you with a wealth of project management features so that you can confidently and collaboratively manage your customer work throughout the customer lifecycle.


Tasks can of course be created manually, but Vitally can also automatically generate tasks via our automated Playbooks, creating a powerful system of proactively helping direct CSMs to what they should pay attention to.

Learn how to create Projects & Tasks

📓 Notes

Notes help you document the ongoings at an account, and Vitally's flexible Notes feature helps you ensure your team documents all calls, meetings, on-site, and more that happen with your customers.

Learn how to create Notes

📄 Docs

Docs will serve as a dedicated workspace that allows you to collaborate on with your customers. Docs provide transparency between you and your customer, the ability to create templates for consistency across team members, and the capability to share with customers to create a more collaborative relationship.

Learn more about Docs

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