Sync: Product Events

By syncing your product events into Vitally, you can analyze how Users are interacting with your product and create automation based on their activity!

Vitally imports tracks from your integrated data source as product events. The entire track object, including any event properties, will be imported.

Event data is most commonly synced through the following integrations:

SegmentMixpanelAnalytics APIData Warehouses

Event Statuses

To update an Event Status go to: Settings > Events > Status column

By default, any event you send to Vitally will be tracked as a "normal" event. However, some events may be more important to have visibility into while others don't need to be tracked in Vitally. For this reason, you can manually update the status of any event to one of four values:

  • Normal: Updates customer/user last seen timestamps.

  • Pinned: Prioritizes display of the event in Vitally. Updates customer/user last seen timestamps.

  • Background: We'll keep track of these events, but they do not update customer/user last seen timestamp.

  • Ignored: Does not update any timestamps - we'll discard these events.

There are two benefits to "Ignoring" an event:

  1. Keeps your event list cleaner in the UI as there will be fewer data to sift through.

  2. This enables us to process your data as quickly as possible as we are not processing data that is not relevant to you.

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