Visualize Your Data

Create a rich environment with cards and decks and contextualized customer Views such as table views, boards, dashboards, etc.

Views Overview

Views are different types of screens you can add to your hubs to visualize account information, activity data, reporting dashboards, and more!

With Views, you can be sure to prioritize and visualize the data that is most important to you or your team! You have different ways to visualize this data. Below we'll go over the 6 different view types.

Views: Table Views

Table Views allow you to save common customer or user reports to revisit them easily. You can customize Hubs with your most important data and work with Views. You can add as many Views as you need and use folders to help you organize and prioritize everything.

Learn more about Table Views here:

pageTable Views

Views: Docs

Docs will serve as a dedicated workspace that allows you to collaborate on with your customers. Docs provide transparency between you and your customer, the ability to create templates for consistency across team members, and the capability to share with customers to create a more collaborative relationship.

Learn more about Docs below:


Views: Boards

Boards allows CS teams to create Kanban-style, drag-and-droppable views for easier task management and beyond. With Boards, teams can now visualize their tasks and more in a single glance. Common use cases include:

  • Manage your tasks based on status

  • Organize tasks across your book of business

  • Visualize opportunities throughout your pipeline

  • Track escalations based on priority level

When cloning a board view, it will clone saved columns, display properties, filters, and sort options.

Learn more about Boards below:


Views: Dashboards

Dashboards are customizable reporting for analyzing your team, customers, and business.

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Views: Projects

Projects are a collection of Tasks aimed at helping yiur team or a customer meet a specific goal.

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Views: 360 Views

A 360 View is a full-picture profile of a single customers, with all their users, activities, traits, and interactions with your team!

Cards & Decks

Organize related account and user columns into named Cards, and organize those Cards into Decks that can be used throughout Vitally

Learn more about Cards & Decks below

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