๐Ÿ“”February Release Notes

Fresh out the oven, check out what's new in Vitally

February 2024

Key Releases

Send Email NPS Surveys

Gather critical customer insights using Email NPS surveys. Easily embed a pre-built NPS survey widget using the backslash command in any one-to-one Conversation.

Automate your feedback collection by adding an NPS survey widget to a Conversation Template and sending it via a Playbook. Learn more about how to use NPS in Vitally by watching this video.

User Widgets in Dashboards

Create custom Widgets for Users in your Dashboards and report on User-level data such as job roles, sessions, and much more.

From a Dashboard, click Add > Select your data visualization > Choose Users as your data object, and start reporting!

Pooled Task Assignment

When creating a Task via a Playbook action, you can now select from two options:

  • Round Robin: Assign the Task to the teammate who has not been assigned a Task via this Playbook for the longest period of time.

  • Fewest Active Tasks: Assign the Task to the teammate with the fewest active Tasks created by this Playbook.

Send Automated Drip Campaign Conversations

The โ€œStart a conversationโ€ action in Playbooks now supports the ability to limit how many emails the action schedules to send for a given sender on a given day. This helps you if you want to drip emails out and control the frequency of responses. This release also includes the ability to prevent scheduled send dates from falling on the weekend.

Send Conversations Via an Alias

Configure a custom sender alias to send emails from (e.g, success@ or support@) for any Conversations sent via Gmail or Outlook. When you've selected the โ€œfromโ€ email, you'll see a "@ Send as" where you can select an alias. If the email has dynamic senders (e.g., sending from a Key Role), then the alias select is replaced by text boxes to enter an alias email.

Integration Updates

Jira Integration: Two-Way Sync

The Jira integration now has a two-way sync, allowing you to create new Jira issues in Vitally, update existing ones, and synchronize them back to Jira. You can also select a Number or Select List (single choice) in Jira for the external ID trait selection.

HubSpot and Salesforce Integration Improvements

Connect a new API user or change the CRM instance to target but maintain your configs for HubSpot and Salesforce integrations. Configure HubSpot and Salesforce Custom Objects to sync for both Accounts and Organizations.

Additional Updates

New User Property 'Last Sent Email Bounced'

We have released a new User property called โ€œLast sent email bouncedโ€ which tracks whether the last email sent from Vitally resulted in a bounce notification. This can be used in Playbooks to exclude users with an email that will bounce, reducing noise in Vitally and maintaining your email sending domain score. (Currently Gmail support only)

Clone a Board

You can now clone a Board View, which will clone saved columns, display properties, filters, and sort options. When a Board is cloned while viewing it from a Hub, you can select which Hub the cloned Board will be placed in.

Task Status Improvements

  1. Using the Playbook actions โ€œCreate a Taskโ€ or โ€œUpdate a Taskโ€ you can set and update Task Status automatically.

  2. Set Task Status with Project Status to keep your Tasks and Projects in sync โ€” on a Project, toggle โ€œUpdate task statusesโ€ in the status dropdown menu before selecting a new status for non-complete Tasks.

  3. Inactive Tasks will no longer be factored into a Projectโ€™s Task totals, including milestones. When an inactive Project has a Task moved to โ€œactive,โ€ the Project will automatically move to the default active status.

Sort Custom Objects by โ€˜Created Byโ€™

Add a โ€œCreated byโ€ column to your Custom Object views and filter/sort on this column for better visibility.

Right Click Menu in Hub Sidebar

Right click anywhere inside the Hub sidebar menu to get the default right click menu, allowing you to easily open Hub Views in new tabs.

Docs in Global Search

Use the Global Search bar to search for Docs, including inside the Doc body. This makes Docs easier to find, and easier to locate information buried inside a Doc body.

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