Categorizing Ignored Accounts

Track rules help you control your cost (or noise) in Vitally by auto-ignoring specific accounts

Track Rules Overview

Since Vitally's plans often price on the number of accounts you have, you may decide to exclude certain customers from being tracked in Vitally. Ignored Accounts/Organizations are simply Accounts/Organizations you do not want to track in Vitally. They can be low-value accounts/orgs, test accounts/orgs, or anything else. These accounts will become ignored and can only be found by searching for them.

By default, all Accounts are subscribed Accounts. Vitally will then check your Trial, Churn, and Account Track rules (under lifecycle tracking) to see if any of those accounts match those rules. If they do, those accounts are then categorized appropriately.

Configure Track Rules

How ToHow To Visual

Navigate to Track Rules:

  1. Navigate to your Settings (βš™οΈ) by selecting your Account Logo on the top left

  2. Under Customer Management select Lifecycle Tracking (or get there via Quick Jump CMD+J)

  3. Select Track Rules

Now to configure your lifecycle tracking. This configuration will automatically separate your ignored from your paying, churned, or trial customers.

  1. Do you want to include or exclude Accounts that match the below set of rules? Note that the 'Include' option will filter out all Accounts not matching the configured rules

    • This tells us whether you'd like to include (i.e. 'track') or exclude (i.e. 'ignore') the customers that match the configured rules in Vitally

      For example, let's say you have a trait on your customers called plan that identifies the customer's plan with your company. There are 3 possible values: Free, Basic, and Pro. With these track rules, you could configure rules that will include customers on the Basic or Pro plans or exclude customers on the Free plan. Whichever route you head down will largely depend on whichever rules are easiest to configure

  2. What rules must Accounts satisfy in order for them to be excluded?

    • Add any filters to identify customers that you want ignored. Some 'customers' you may want ignored are dummy customers or very low value customers

    • As you add rules, we'll display the set of customers that both match and do not match your rules so that you can see exactly which customers are impacted

Tracked Rules FAQ

Q: If an editable field is edited in Vitally for a churned account, do we push that data to integration platforms? Or only for subscribed accounts? A: We push all non-ignored accounts so it would include churned.

Q: For Ignored customers, does Vitally still sync in data? A: Most the most part yes! We'll continue to sync in most data since that customer may come back and become a paying customer again so we want to catch those updates in the case they meet your subscribed filters. We no longer sync events being that you've set up your configuration to ignore these customer. While we still sync in data, things like success metrics and health scores (if applicable) freeze the day they are ignored.

Q: A Customer is showing as Churned but it doesn't match the churn rules, why? A: This typically happens when a Customer doesn't match any other lifecycle tracking status. In other words, it did match the Churn configuration, then it stopped matching, but it doesn't match any other lifecycle tracking status (Subscribed, Trial, Ignored) so therefore the Customer status will remain as is until it matches another status.

Q: Do Ignored Accounts / Organizations run through playbooks? A: They do not. Ignored Accounts/Orgs are customers who you essentially want out of sight out, of mind.

Q: Why does the GET request to the user endpoint does not return users without an account? A: It will also not return users that are only associated to ignored accounts (we also don’t surface users without account anywhere except for via direct search).

Q: Why is my Account being ignored, they match the subscribed rules? A: We ignore Accounts if they only belong to an ignored Organization

Q: Is there a way to get the ignored accounts with the list Accounts API endpoint? A: There is not, but reach out to and they can help!

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