Auto-ignoring accounts

Track rules help you control your cost (or noise) in Vitally by auto-ignoring specific accounts
Since Vitally's plans often price on the number of accounts you have, you may decide to exclude certain customers from being tracked in Vitally. Let's see how our Track Rules feature can help you define these customers and control your cost.

Creating Track Rules

To create track rules, navigate to Lifecycle Tracking -> Account Track rules in your Account Settings (or get there via Quick Jump). There, you'll see a handful of options you'll need to configure in order to correctly auto-ignore specific accounts.

Include vs Exclude

This tells us whether you'd like to include (i.e. 'track') or exclude (i.e. 'ignore') the customers that match the configured rules in Vitally.
For example, let's say you have a trait on your customers called plan that identifies the customer's plan with your company. There are 3 possible values: Free, Basic, and Pro. With these track rules, you could configure rules that will include customers on the Basic or Pro plans or exclude customers on the Free plan. Whichever route you head down will largely depend on whichever rules are easiest to configure.


This is where you'll configure the set of rules that identify which customers to track or ignore in Vitally. You can add as many rules as you like and can even choose whether customers must meet all or any of the configured rules. As you add rules, we'll display the set of customers that both match and do not match your rules so that you can see exactly which customers are impacted.