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Task, note, and project categories
Categories help you organize your activity items in Vitally, and also give you some 'special' power alongside account views & playbooks
As you work with your customers using notes, tasks, and projects, you can organize this work underneath single Categories. A Category is simple in theory - think of it like the folder that a file would belong to. That said, they also have a ton of power in Vitally!
For example, if you head over to your Accounts page in Vitally and open your available columns, you'll see a section for Activity. In that section, you'll see fields for each of your task, note, and project Categories:
Each of these columns, when enabled, add a column to your Accounts view showcasing the last completed/up next 'activity item' associated to that category. For example, in the above, I can easily see the next due Task associated to the Support category by clicking the column Support (next due task) column. With that column in View, I can click on the task to see (and work on) the task from the Accounts view πŸŽ‰
Not only do you have columns for each of your categories, but also filters, which allows you to easily (for example) find all accounts that have not had a Support task completed within a recent timeframe (as an example - of course, you can do this for all your categories!).
These filters are supported throughout Vitally - in your health scores, playbooks, etc. This opens up a whole world for new automation! For example, say you have 2 different Onboarding projects - 1 for high tough accounts and one for others. By unifying your Projects underneath a single Onboarding category, you can now build workflows like "For all accounts without an Onboarding project in the last 90 days, create one". Of course, that's just a single example - the real possibilities are endless!
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