CSV Upload

Import Organization, Account, User, and NPS data via CSV Upload

CSV Uploads Overview

If you have data that you're not able to import through the use of our integrations or Vitally's APIs, you can use the CSV Upload tool found in the Integrations Catalog.

CSV: What can I import

  • Organizations and organization traits

  • Accounts and account traits

  • Users and user traits

  • NPS responses

If you have any other types of data that you would like our help importing into your Vitally account, please contact our support team via the in-app chat, and we'd be happy to evaluate your request.

CSV: Formatting

Depending on the import type, you must include a couple of required columns on your CSV and the traits you wish to update or create. View the different requirements and formats below:

Required Columns:

  • Organization External ID

Additional Traits: Include columns for any additional Organization traits you would like to update or create.

Example CSV:






Acme Co.




Worldwide Inc.



CSV: Formatting Trait Types

Trait TypeExampleFormatting Notes


Company Name

Short text string. All characters supported.



Numbers and decimals only.

Do not include commas, currency symbols, underscores, hyphens, etc.

Date Datetime


Recommended: ISO8601 format. We will attempt to parse other familiar formats when possible i.e. 10/28/2022 *It is not recommended to format 28/10/2022 (day being the first number)


true or false

All lowercase, no quotes. null is also a supported value.


single value: ["blue"]

multi-value: ["green", "red"]

Array formatting: must include the square brackets, quotes around the values, and comma-separated

Text Area

The text area trait is an open text field for long text entry. Great for sending text with multiple paragraphs, lots of text, carriage returns, etc.

Long text field. All characters supported.

CSV: How to upload

How ToHow To Visual
  1. Navigate to your Settings (⚙️) by selecting your Account Logo on the top left

  2. Under Data Management select Integrations (or get there via Quick Jump CMD+J)

  3. Select CSV

  4. Select Select a New CSV

  5. Drag & drop or Upload file

  6. Select Object that you want to upload the data to (User, Org, Account, NPS)

  7. Select the column that identifies your External ID

    • 🚨 If an external ID does not match or exist in Vitally, a new Org, User, or Account will be created. External ID must be identical - be careful with extra spaces!

  8. Map the rest of the data points you want to update on the lower half.

  9. Once completed, select SAVE and IMPORT to import

    • If you're not ready for whatever reason to upload, you can just select SAVE to save it as a 'draft' and come back to it later

CSV: Create new Vitally Custom Traits

For new traits that do not yet exist in Vitally, you can create the custom Vitally Trait right within the CSV Upload tool.

  1. Follow all the steps above on CSV: How to Upload up until step 7

  2. Type in the name of the trait as you would like it displayed in Vitally

  3. Select the new name at the top of the trait selector

  4. Once done mapping all your traits, select SAVE AND IMPORT

    • Any CSV Columns that have the Vitally Trait field left empty will be ignored and excluded from the import.

  5. Once you upload all the values in your CSV will be uploaded to the new trait


Q: Is there a limit on how many rows I can upload in a CSV? A: There isn't a limit on how many rows but there is a file size limit of 100mb.

Q: Can I null traits? A: No, you can not remove values from any trait.

Q: I want to append values to a multi select trait via a CSV A: At this time when uploading a csv with a value for a multi select it will replace the current value. As a workaround you can use playbook automation. If you update a multi select trait, it doesn't replace, it appends. Another workaround would be to add all values wanted in the multi select trait with the formatting stated above of multi-value: ["green", "red"]

Q: If a User/Account/Org does not exist (external ID does not live in Vitally), does it skip that row or create a new one? A: If an Organization, Account, or User does not exist in Vitally then a new one will be created, it will not skip that row.

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