Deactivated Users (User Churn)

Auto-identify users that have an active login (i.e. license) to your product vs those that have a deactivated one (and thus can no longer access your product).

User Churn Overview

User churn helps you better identify the users with an active login (i.e. license) to your product vs. those with a deactivated one (and thus can no longer access your product).

Configuring User Churn

How ToHow To Visual

How to navigate to user churn configuration:

  1. Navigate to your Settings (⚙️) by selecting your Account Logo on the top left

  2. Under Customer Management, select Lifecycle Tracking (or get there via Quick Jump CMD+J)

  3. Select User Churn

  4. Define the condition(s) that determines a churned (i.e. deactivated) user. Don't forget you can include or exclude nulls as well

    • The most common scenario is sending Vitally a user trait such as deactivated, which should be true for any deactivated users.)

When configured, Vitally will then set a Deactivated date trait on your users as users match your rules.

How to View Churned Users

Once a user churns, we move them out of the default list of accounts. However, you can easily view your churned users by clicking the "Churned" filter you'll see to the right of all user lists in Vitally.

You can also see if a User is deactivated on the User profile:

Note that SUBSCRIBED is irrelevant to being churned. Instead is it to show you who has unsubscribed from receiving your emails.

Churned Users Use cases

While this feature is meant to auto-flag users once they have their license to your product deactivated, another use case is to auto-ignore team members (on your team) that are able to log in to your product on behalf of a customer.

To address this use case, you may want to consider adding a rule on the user's email that flags anyone with your email domain (e.g. "contains") as deactivated.

How Vitally Handles Churned Users

When a User is churned, Vitally will handle them differently than a tracked Users. Two things to point that Vitally will do for churned users are:

  • Any Product Events are Ignored: Once a user is set to churned, Vitally will no longer track any activity that user has with your product. We do this for basically the use case above - so that your team members don't pollute your Vitally data. If the user moves back into an active state (i.e. they stop matching your churn rules), that is when Vitally will start tracking the user's activity again.

  • All User-Based Metrics are Omitted: There are a few metrics that will be omitted like:

    • User counts for an account

    • Active user percentage

    • Success Metrics that have a numerator or denominator for a user population

    For example, on an account dashboard, user metrics like total users and active user percent only include non-churned users (i.e. the below shows 12 non-churned users).

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