Instructions for syncing data into Vitally via Google BigQuery


  1. The BigQuery project must have a Service Account with the jobs.create permission (such as the BigQuery.User role) in order to run queries, and have access to the dataset you'd like to connect to.

  2. To connect with this Service Account you'll need a Private Key .json file associated with the Service Account

    • Once a Service Account is created, a key can be created in the Keys tab for that account.

    • The key will be downloaded immediately and only once. If you lose the key you can always create a new one.

Step 1 - Connect

  • To connect to your BigQuery instance you simply need to upload the .json file containing the credentials for your Service Account.

  • If you need to rotate or pick new credentials after connecting you can replace your existing credentials by uploading a new file.

Step 2 - Configure Sync

Configuring Sync

Step 3 - Enable Syncing

Enabling Sync

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