SSO via other IdP's

FAQ when setting up SSO other than via Google or Okta

Setting up SSO via other IdP's

We do support setup with any IdP, we just don't have documentation on the other . Set up is similar to the other documentation we have on SSO via Google and SSO via Okta. This article is meant to answer some FAQ and discoveries we've come across when setting up SSO with other IdP's.


When setting up Jumpcloud, this is what we found should be the correct setup:

IdP Entity ID: this is on your side SP Entity ID: ACS URL: Certificate: is in this doc! Sign Assertion: Checked Default RelayState: blank Login URL: Declare Redirect Endpoint: Unchecked

Send SSO Instructions to Vitally

Once you've set up Vitally as a service provider, we'll need to manually enable it as the identity provider in Vitally.

Vitally will need the following three pieces of information to finish the setup:

  • Identity Provider SSO URL (IdP URL)

  • Identity Provider Issuer (SP Entity ID)

  • X.509 Certificate (Download this and send as an attachment to your Vitally contact

Please send these three items to your CSM or to support via the in-app chat. We will then confirm with you once the setup has been completed and is ready for use.

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