Sync: Organizations, Accounts, Users

Organizations, Accounts and Users are the core data within Vitally

Organizations, Accounts and Users are the core data within Vitally. All other information that is pulled into Vitally will be associated with an Organization, Account, and, potentially, an individual User. Some of these other data points are:

  • Revenue

  • Events

  • Activity

  • NPS

  • Etc..

If you have multiple data sources with different information regarding your Organizations, Accounts and Users, Vitally will use the 'external ID' outlined above to consolidate these various traits under one complete 360° Organization, Account, or User profile.

Organization, Account, and User data is most commonly synced through the following integrations:

SegmentMixpanelSalesforceHubspotIntercomAnalytics APIData Warehouses


Q: I deleted an Account in Vitally but they reappeared in Vitally, why? A: If you are still syncing in that Account (this also goes for Organizations and Users), that customer will simply be recreated. You will need to stop syncing that data in from your source of truth.

Q: If I delete an Account or Organization and they are recreated because they use my product, will Vitally historically backfill traits or trends for a success metric associated to that account? A: No. That Organization or Account will start from scratch and appear as a new customer.

Q: A User that is not associated to an Account is ignored, why is this happening? A: If a User is synced in without an Account association, they are considered Orphan Users. If after 48 hours it is not associated to an Account, it will become ignored until you associated it to an Account.

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