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Sync your Chargebee customers and their revenue data to Vitally in real time with our Chargebee integration
Vitally's Chargebee integration can be used to sync the following Chargebee data into Vitally in real time:
  • Customers - Vitally can import your Chargebee customers into Vitally as accounts. When done, we'll add a wealth of new Chargebee-defined traits to your Vitally profiles, such as the expiration of the customer's credit card, the plans they are subscribed to, and much more!
  • Revenue data - Vitally also imports your historical paid invoices from Chargebee so that you have immediate, accurate insight into the purchase history of every account in Vitally.

Enabling the Chargebee integration

To enable the Chargebee integration, navigate to Integrations -> Chargebee in your Account Settings (get there via Quick Jump). Once you click the switch in the top right, you'll see a few options:
This is the site you claimed when creating a Chargebee account and forms the prefix of your dashboard URL: your-claimed-site.chargebee.com
This is the secret key Vitally will use to request access to your Chargebee data. Read below for instructions on how to create this key.

Creating your Chargebee API key

In Chargebee, navigate to Settings > Configure Chargebee and click on "API keys and webhooks." Then, click "Add API Key".
Create a Read-Only API Key with restricted access to transactional data in your production Chargebee project to use with Vitally.
Copy the API Key from your Chargebee settings to the Vitally integration form and click "Submit."

Configure the integration

Now that we have access to your Chargebee Customers and Subscriptions, configure the account name and ID fields to ensure Vitally correctly imports & syncs your Chargebee data.
Customer ID trait: Select the Chargebee field that specifies the primary ID for the account in Vitally. Note that the ID you select here must match the ID you use to identify your customers across integrations. If the IDs do not match, we will not be able to associate them and you may see duplicate customers.

Create a Chargebee Webhook to sync changes in real-time

In order to continue to receive updates from Chargebee, you'll need to create a new Webhook. Navigate to Settings > Configure Chargebee and click on "API keys and webhooks."
Select the "Webhooks" tab and click "Add webhook". Copy the three provided values from Vitally:
  • Webhook URL
  • Basic authentication username
  • Basic authentication password
And that's it! Vitally will now receive real-time updates from Chargebee on changes to your customers, revenue, and subscriptions.

What data will Vitally import from Chargebee?

In addition to any custom fields on the Chargebee Customer and Subscription objects, Vitally will import the following traits from Chargebee:
Chargebee Customer
Customer ID
Created Date
Chargebee Card
Card Expiration
Card Status
Chargebee Subscription
Cancelled Date
Cancel Reason
Current Term End
Current Term Start
Pause Date
Resume Date
Plan ID
Subscription ID
Subscription Plan Amount
Subscription Plan Quantity
Subscription Addons
Billing Period Unit
Billing Period
Trial End
Trial Start
Chargebee Invoice
Last Invoice ID
Last Invoice Total
Last Invoice Paid Date
Last Invoice Status
Coupon IDs
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