Automate Your Process

Tailor Vitally to your organization's processes and workflows!

With your data integrations syncing to Vitally, Lifecycle Tracking rules configured, and your teammates invited and assigned to accounts, it's now time to customize Vitally to streamline your processes and workflows!

💚 Health Scores

Control how the health of your accounts are calculated and tracked with multiple health categories and customizable weights, equations, and conditions.

Learn how to create Health Scores

🔔 Opportunity & Risk Indicators

Automatically create and track alerts for accounts through indicators. You can create an alert when an account may be primed for an upsell or when an account may need to be saved.

Learn how to create Indicators

🤖 Playbook Automation

Build powerful automation to track, manage, and engage with our customers.

Learn more about Playbook automation

💯 NPS Surveys

Enable NPS in-app survey tool in your product.

Learn how to set up NPS

⚡️ Other Integrations

Browse our other powerful integrations with Slack and Zapier.

Learn about Slack and Zapier

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