Triggering Intercom campaigns & pre-saved emails from Vitally

While Vitally can auto-email your customers via Intercom directly from Vitally itself, you might find yourself wanting to use Intercom's more advanced messaging capabilities powered by Vitally - namely, Intercom's Campaigns feature as well as their HTML email templates. There's 2 main ways to achieve this using Vitally:

Our Intercom integration supports decorating your Intercom company profiles with your account data stored in Vitally (e.g. health scores, segments, custom traits, etc). This means you can, for example, create a custom trait in Vitally (let's say you name it "Should send Intercom campaign"), set it via a Playbook, and configure the Intercom integration to have that trait added to your Intercom companies.

If you were to set this up, you would then be able to leverage Intercom's campaign and automation builder to auto-send emails based off of this Vitally custom trait. Since a Playbook will update the trait, and since we are writing that trait to Intercom, you'll be able to use it in Intercom!

Note that you don't have to use traits. You can use segments, health scores, or any of the data we support writing to your Intercom companies.

Using the "Send a Segment track" action in Playbooks

One supported action in our Playbooks is the ability to send a Segment track out of Vitally and in to any connected destination in Segment. This means you can have Vitally create events in Intercom, and you can then use those events in Intercom's campaign and automation builder!

Note that this option might work best if you want to target specific users with your Intercom campaigns/HTML emails since user playbooks support sending tracks associated to a specific user, whereas our Intercom data-out integration simply decorates Intercom companies (and not Intercom users).

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