Changing the currency for your revenue (your 'home currency')

Ensure currency is reported in the unit you use

By default, Vitally displays your revenue across the platform in USD. However, if you send your revenue to Vitally in a different currency, you can set that currency by navigating to Settings ->Account & Billing.

Changing your currency will only manipulate the data you send us if you configure currency handling via these instructions. If you have not configured traits that represent an account's currency, then changing the currency here simply changes the currency we use to display your revenue.

For example, say you are sending Vitally a value of 80 for an account's revenue. By default, we'll display that as USD (e.g. $80). If you change the currency to euros, we'll instead display it as €80.

If you instead send us a currency trait with a value of EUR for the account, select that currency trait in your revenue configuration by following the instructions here, and then configure your home currency to USD, Vitally will auto-convert a revenue value of 80 to ~$94 USD (assuming a 1 -> 1.18 EUR to USD conversion rate) and display that instead.

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