How data-out integrations work

Access Vitally's unique customer insights in your other tools with our data-out integrations

Vitally has a variety of ways to sync the data we track about your customers back into your other tools. This helps you to further automate your Customer Success efforts outside of Vitally, giving you access to our data in your current customer support and engagement tools.

Data Out: Tools supported

The following tools can currently be configured to receive Vitally's customer data on a recurring basis.

pageData Out: SegmentpageData Out: IntercompageData Out: SalesforcepageData Out: HubspotpageData Out: REST API

Data Out: When Vitally Pushes Customer Data

Vitally sends updated customer data to your configured destination(s) hourly. Additionally, we only push data to your configured destination(s) if either 1) we've yet to push data about the customer to the destination or 2) some data about the customer has changed since the last data push. At that point we'll:

  • Fetch all your tracked accounts that have never been pushed to the configured destination.

  • Combine those accounts with any accounts that have updated data since the last push to the configured destination.

  • Push updated data for each account to your configured destination(s).

Data Out: What Data You Can Push Out

In each data-out integration, you can whitelist which data points to push to the integration and control the names of the traits/fields that get pushed to.

For example, say you have a Health Score in Vitally named "Product setup". If you want to attach the account's current score to your Segment data using a group trait named productSetupHealth, you can do so!

You can push back almost any data point tracked in Vitally to our data-out integrations. Some of the account fields you can push back to Segment, Intercom, Salesforce, or Hubspot (our current data-out integrations) include:

  • Overall health score + individual health scores

  • Subscription details like renewal date and MRR

  • NPS data like overall NPS score + # of promoters, passives, and detractors

  • Active indicators and segments

  • Success Metric values

  • Any individual account traits tracked in Vitally from any integration (i.e. you can push Stripe traits to Salesforce, Segment traits, to Hubspot, etc)

  • and more!

Note: all date fields are represented as a full ISO8601 datetime in the UTC timezone: YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS.sssZ

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