Send bulk emails to your users in Vitally with Sendgrid without preset limitations of your email client.

Sendgrid Overview

Send mass emails without the limitations of email providers! This is one of the best ways to ensure that your emails are all being sent without any hiccups

We will not bring in historical conversations. We'll only listen for emails moving forward from the day you integrate with Sendgrid.

Enabling the Sendgrid integration:

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  1. You'll want to create an API Key in your Sendgrid account.

  2. Navigate to your Settings (βš™οΈ) at the bottom left of the left panel (or get there via Quick Jump)

  3. Select Integrations under Data Management

  4. Find Sendgrid and select it

  5. Toggle the integration to on on the top right

  6. Enter the Sendgrid API Key

You're all set! When sending messages you can select to send from a user from Sengrid rather than from a user from your email.

A few notes when setting this up:

  • Ideally you should have β€˜domain authentication’ set up In Sendgrid so you can send from any Vitally user.

  • All Vitally Users will populate when selecting the sender. If you select someone who is not a verified sender you'll receive this error:

    • "An error occurred when trying to send this message: The from address does not match a verified Sender Identity. Mail cannot be sent until this error is resolved. Visit to see the Sender Identity requirements.

Sendgrid FAQ

Q: When sending messages out of Vitally via Sendgrid, do replies/all the back and forth sync back into Vitally? A: Not via Sendgrid but if it shows up in someone’s inbox (gmail/outlook) then we will!

Q: What information is available and what information is lost from the Conversation Templates metrics (opened, replied, bounced, etc) under Templates > Conversation Templates? A: We track the read/reply status on the message, but it doesn't aggregate onto the Conversation Templates page.

Q: Is there a limit of the number of conversation I can send? A: Sendgrid has an API limit of 10,000 conversations/second, so it's effectively unlimited.

Q: Is there a limit on the number of participants in a group conversation? A: Each group conversation can have up to 10 participants.

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