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Sync your Zendesk organizations, end users, and tickets to Vitally with our Zendesk integration


What a Zendesk ticket looks like in Vitally
Vitally's Zendesk integration can be used to sync the following Zendesk data into Vitally in real time:
  • Tickets - Vitally can import your Zendesk tickets into Vitally as threaded conversations.
  • Users - Vitally can import your Zendesk end users and any custom traits associated with them into Vitally as users.
  • Accounts - Vitally can import your Zendesk organizations and any custom traits associated with them into Vitally as accounts.

Getting Started

Enable the Integration

To enable the Zendesk integration, navigate to Integrations -> Zendesk in your Account Settings (get there via Quick Jump). Click the toggle button to enable the integration. Then, enter your Zendesk subdomain, and click the Connect To Zendesk button.


You can import both users and account data from Zendesk, and the configuration process is the same for both.
The preferred way to unify user and account data from Zendesk with Vitally is by the use of an external ID. If you have the external ID mapped in Zendesk and Vitally, select the Yes option. If you do not have the external ID of your users in both systems, select the No option in step 1.
Without an external ID, you'll need to map a common identifier between Zendesk and Vitally. Commonly this could be some other shared identifier between systems, like an email address or domain trait. For example, if you'd like to simply pull Zendesk tickets in and organize them underneath the user in Vitally with the same email as the Zendesk end user associated to the ticket, this would be the configuration to setup:

How the Zendesk integration works

Once you grant access to your Zendesk account, two things occur to ensure we track your Zendesk tickets as conversations in Vitally:
  1. 1.
    We'll import your most recent Zendesk tickets on initial connection: Once you connect your Zendesk account, we'll historically import tickets from the last 30 days and sync those into Vitally.
  2. 2.
    We'll listen for new Tickets moving forward: We'll listen for tickets associated with your existing users and accounts in Vitally. When one is found that matches an existing record, it will be added to Vitally as a conversation and linked to the corresponding user and account.
Furthermore, we'll sync data about any users and accounts (optional) to their corresponding records in Vitally.

Ticket fields synced into Vitally

Vitally pulls in the following details about your Zendesk tickets and attaches them to the created conversation in Vitally:
  • The original ticket and all replies are pulled in as a threaded conversation
  • The user that created the ticket and any teammate(s) assigned to the ticket
  • The ticket's status in Zendesk (e.g. open vs closed)
  • The ticket's rating in Zendesk (if left by the user)


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