Sync your Mixpanel users and tracks to Vitally with our Mixpanel integration


Vitally's Mixpanel integration can be used to sync the following Mixpanel data into Vitally:

  • Users - Vitally imports your Mixpanel user profiles into Vitally as users. The entire user object, including all your Mixpanel traits, will be attached to your Vitally user profiles. Note that Vitally accounts will also need to be created from whitelisted user traits - read below for more details.

  • Tracks - Vitally imports your Mixpanel tracks into Vitally as product events. The entire track object, including any event properties, will be imported.

Enabling the Mixpanel integration

To enable the Mixpanel integration, navigate to Settings -> Integrations -> Mixpanel (get there via Quick Jump). When there, follow these steps:

1. Select the data residency of your Mixpanel project

2. Enter the API secret for your production Mixpanel project

  • Open a separate tab/window and login to your Mixpanel account

  • Ensure your production Mixpanel project is selected in the top left.

  • In your production Mixpanel project, select your Project Settings in the top right.

  • In the displayed window, copy your project's API Secret and paste it into Vitally.

3. Configure the following options to ensure Vitally correctly organizes your Mixpanel data into the right accounts.

  • The first option requires that you select the timezone of your project. This is important, as it is the only way for us to display your Mixpanel datetimes accurately in Vitally (Mixpanel strips any timezone info in the datetimes they send over in their API).

Your timezone can be found by viewing the Project settings for your Mixpanel project. There, you should see a field for Timezone.

Select which version of Mixpanel's identity management system you are using.

To determine your current ID Management version, navigate to Identity Merge setting under your Organization Settings (for Organization Owners/Admins) or Project Settings (for Project Owners/Admins)

The remaining options are required and define how accounts get created from your Mixpanel users. As Vitally is geared towards B2B companies, we must be able to associate each user to the account/customer they belong to. Thus, in order to leverage Mixpanel with Vitally, you'll need to track certain customer information within traits attached to your Mixpanel users.

  • User External ID - New version of identity management only - This is how Vitally will know to unify a Mixpanel user with user data from another system.

  • Account name trait - A trait that identifies the (readable) name of the account the user belongs to (e.g. "Visa")

  • Account ID trait - A trait that specifies a unique ID for your accounts. Ideally, this value never changes for the account (e.g. "visa.com", "ed8fcc72-dbe5-4a9c-9d03-59e456462626"). This trait should pretty much always be different than your name trait. If at all possible, the trait you select here should be the unique ID given to your accounts by your database.

  • Other account traits - Any traits attached to users that actually relate to the customer the user belongs to (e.g. the customer's plan, subscription cost, industry). These traits will be attached to customers in Vitally, allowing you to use them when analyzing customers.

The Account ID trait you select here is very important in unifying your account data in Vitally. If you leverage our other integrations to track other customer data (e.g. Stripe), the ID you select here will also need to exist in those other tools in order for Vitally to properly unify your data under the right account.

Ignore Events

By default, Mixpanel will send all events to Vitally, some of which may not be relevant. For this reason, you will want to "ignore" any events you don't want to track in Vitally.

There are two benefits to "Ignoring" an event:

  1. Keeps your event list cleaner in the UI as there will be fewer data to sift through.

  2. This enables us to process your data as quickly as possible as we are not processing data that is not relevant to you.

To update an Event Status go to: Settings > Events > Status column


Q: Does my historical Mixpanel data sync to Vitally when I enable the Mixpanel integration? A: Vitally will, by default, import 1) all your tracked Mixpanel users and 2) your last 7 days of Mixpanel events. If you'd like to import more than 7 days of Mixpanel events, please contact support or your Vitally CSM.

Q: I don't want to send all Mixpanel users to Vitally. How do I filter out certain users? A: The Vitally <> Mixpanel integration doesn't support import filters. However, you can use User Churn Rules to auto-churn these users! See Deactivated Users (User Churn) for steps to set this up. Churned users will not appear in your table views and will not sync event tracks from Mixpanel.

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