Organization Object: Configuring and Working with Orgs

Lifecycle configuration

Organizations, like Accounts, can flow through Vitally's trial -> subscribed -> churn -> ignored lifecycle. The same configuration you setup to configure Accounts exists for Organizations - please follow the docs here for more information on how to configure lifecycles in Vitally.


Users will belong to both levels of the hierarchy - Accounts and Organizations. A user associated to an Account is auto-associated to an Organization.

Product events

Product events sent via Segment will automatically 'roll up' to the Organization for the Account the track belongs to. This means that when you view or report on Event columns for Organizations, you're looking at a sum of events across all Accounts the Organization owns.

Notes & Tasks

Notes, tasks, and other activity objects in Vitally can be associated to an Account or an Organization. When associating the object to just the Account, if the Account is owned by an Organization, we will auto-rollup that activity to the Organization level. This means that columns like "Notes count" on the Organization reference all Notes across all the Organization's accounts.

Cards and Decks

Organizations are supported in our cards and decks feature, which means you can build custom profiles for your Organizations and Accounts.

Dashboards & Reports

Organizations are supported in our Dashboards feature, allowing you to visualize your Organizations in a variety of ways.

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