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Managing your organization

Manage your payment, seats, and more.


You can manage your organization settings by navigating to your settings tab and viewing the Account & Billing page.

From here, you can...

  • Change your organization name

  • Select a new plan

  • Change your billing email address

  • Change the currency format for all revenue figures in Vitally (note: this does not convert currencies, but ensures that the proper symbols are shown in Vitally)

  • Update your billing details.

Manage seats (licenses)

You can also view and manage your seats in Vitally. To add or remove a seat, click the Manage button next to the type of seat you wish to adjust. You can see also confirm the associated monthly cost which each seat type.

What's an Observer seat?

Observers are "light" seats that have reduced functionality compared to our fully-featured seats.

Observers can:

  • View all data in Vitally

  • View all activity in Vitally, including tasks, notes, indicators, conversations, and more

  • Connect their Gmail accounts to Vitally to ensure their customer email conversations are visible to other team members

  • Collaborate in discussions with other team members

  • Create custom views to organize the data they want to see

Observers can't:

  • Create any activity objects (notes, tasks, conversations)

  • Create any Playbooks, Indicators, or Segments

  • Participate in conversations with customers

  • Modify or create any customer data

  • Make changes to any account settings