Managing your organization

Manage your payment, seats, and more.

Account & Billing Overview

You can manage your organization settings by navigating to your settings tab and viewing the Account & Billing page.

From here, you can...

  • Change your organization name

  • Select a new plan

  • Change your billing email address

  • Change the currency format for all revenue figures in Vitally (note: this does not convert currencies, but ensures that the proper symbols are shown in Vitally)

  • Default role for new users (set what permissions your users should have when logging in)

  • Update your billing details.

Manage seats (licenses)

You can also view and manage your seats in Vitally. To add or remove a seat, click the Manage button next to the type of seat you wish to adjust. You can see also confirm the associated monthly cost which each seat type.

Seats total count = Current internal team members in Vitally + Invited internal team members.

Learn more about Vitally's User Roles and Permissions

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