CSV Export

Your data is yours, so you can always export this data at any time!

CSV Export Overview

Your data is yours, so you can always export this data at any time! Anything that can be exported will have an export icon on the right top that looks like a box with a down arrow in the middle. This will be emailed to the person who triggered the export.

Most of the data can be exported but if you are unable to export anything please reach out to Support.

CSV: What can I Export

You can export any Table View! Create a Table View, add any filters to narrow down your results, and select the columns you want displayed by selecting the column picker on the top right. Any displayed data will be included in your export.

CSV: How to Export

How ToHow To Visual

How to Export data from a Table View:

  1. Create a Table View

  2. Add any Filters

  3. Select the Columns you want in your export

  4. Select the export icon

  5. Check your email!

If you do not get the export within an hour, please reach out to Support@vitally.io


Q: I'm not getting the email, what's going on? A: You may be unsubscribed! Please reach out to Support so we can check your email status and resolve this issue.

Q: The export ended up in my spam folder, why? A: Whatever your provider is (gmail for example) sets up some barriers to protect you some spam emails, additionally your own company may set up additional barriers to ensure spam doesn't make it to your inbox. The best to resolve this is to mark the email as not spam so it's able to learn that emails from Vitally are not spam!

Q: It's taking a long time/took a long time to arrive to my email, why? A: Depending on how much data you're trying to export, it may delay the delivery of your email. The more data exported, the longer it takes.

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