Sync your customer conversations to Vitally in real-time, and also start conversations from Vitally, with our Gmail integration

Gmail Overview

Vitally's Gmail integration can be used to sync the following Gmail data into Vitally in real time:

  • Vitally can import your Gmail emails into Vitally as threaded conversations of logged Users.

  • Start new Gmail conversations and reply to existing message threads within Vitally.

  • View conversation traits against Gmail conversations e.g. "Last Message (Date)".

Once you grant access to your Gmail account, two things occur to ensure we track your Gmail emails with customers as conversations in Vitally:

  1. We'll import your most recent Gmail conversations on initial connection: Once you connect your Gmail account, we'll kick off a historical import to grab your most recent customer emails (We scan the 1000 most recent emails and import any with an email address that matches a known User in Vitally) and sync those into Vitally.

  2. We'll listen for new emails moving forward: Vitally uses Gmail webhooks to listen for new emails sent to or from customers. Once we receive a notification from Gmail for a new email, we look through the to and from fields on the email to try and locate a user at one of your customers with that email. If one is found, we'll add the message to Vitally associated to that user, as well as any other users or team members also found in the email.

Emails must match/exist in Vitally for us to track those conversations. If an Account has no Users or the User does not yet exist in Vitally, the emails will not import.

Gmail: Enabling the Integration

By enabling the Gmail integration, you can kickstart the authentication process with Gmail to grant Vitally access to your inbox.

How-ToHow-To Visual
  1. Navigate to your Settings (⚙️) by selecting your Account Logo on the top left > Data Management > Integrations (or get there via Quick Jump CMD+J)

  2. Select Gmail connection

  3. Select the Connect my Gmail button

Once you've enabled the Gmail integration, you can now have your team connect their inboxes!

  1. Invite your team members to Vitally using the instructions here to connect their inboxes

  2. They can then navigate to their Settings (⚙️) by selecting your Account Logo on the top left > Personal Settings > Email settings

  3. They can connect their email here

  4. They can also edit their Sending Limit and add a BCC

Why add a BCC? If you'd like us to include a BCC address for each email we send (e.g. to auto-forward to a CRM), input that address here. More on sending limits and BCC here.

Note: Since each Vitally profile can only link to one Gmail account, you'll need to ensure all your team members 1) have a Vitally account and 2) connect their Vitally account to their Gmail account (via the above process) to ensure you track as many customer conversations as possible in Vitally.

Gmail: Disabling the Integration

How-ToHow-To (Visual)
  1. Navigate to your Settings (⚙️) by selecting your Account Logo on the top left

  2. Under "Profile Settings" > Navigate to "Email Settings"

  3. Click the hyperlink on bottom left labelled "Disconnect Gmail"

Gmail FAQ

Q: I'm missing historical emails when I first integrated. What happened? A: We bring in the 1000 most recent emails, this means each response in an email counts towards this overall number. So for example if you have an email conversation with one customer where you had 5 messages back and forth, that 5 counts against the overall 1000.

Q: How many emails can I send per day? A: You can send up to 1000 emails a day, make sure to change this in your settings! It's by default set to 250 per day.

Q: Can I globally change the daily sending limit? A: No, each user must change this in their personal settings.

Q: Why do you have a sending limit? A: We want to protect your reputation as much as possible. Gmail is very strict and you should always adhere to email best practices to avoid your reputation being damaged. Repairing a reputation can be a long and tedious process.

Q: How do I track group emails in Vitally? A. Most SaaS teams use group emails like support@ or success@ to communicate with customers. To be able to send and receive emails with these addresses, you’ll need to connect that account to Vitally and authenticate with a username and password. Please note that you can only have ONE email connected per Vitally user. If you need to email from your own address AND the group address, you’ll want to set the group email up as its own Vitally user and give them a team member/leader/or admin seat.

Q. Can I use a Google Group email in Vitally to send and receive emails? A. No. Google Group emails, or any alias/distribution list type email address, will not work. For security reasons, email accounts must be authenticated with a username and password.

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