Organization Object: How to 'Move' an Account to the Organization Level

If you are a current Vitally customer and want to take advantage of our new account hierarchy feature, to do so, it is always best to simply create brand new Organizations that sit 'on top' of your current Vitally accounts.

However, if you need to 'move' your current Vitally Accounts up to the Organization level and create new child Accounts owned by those Organizations, you can follow the steps outlined here to do so. Note that moving the entire Account to the Organization level isn't supported - the steps outlined here simply create a 'clone' of the Account at the Organization level while linking the original Account to the newly-created Organization.

Step 1: Create a new Organization in Vitally that is a clone of the Account to move up Follow the instructions outlined here to setup your desired integration. Once the integration is configured, create a new Organization with traits that mirror the traits the Account has in Vitally.

For example, say your Account is named "Visa" and has a plan trait with a value of Enterprise. Using your desired integration, ensure a new "Visa" organization is created in Vitally with a plan trait that has a value of Enterprise.

Step 2: Link the original Account to the Organization Again, following the steps outlined for your desired integration around how to link Accounts to Organizations, ensure the child Account is properly linked to the new Organization.

Once this link is established, activity like Notes and Tasks will be auto-attached to the Organization.

Step 3: Start creating your actual child Accounts, linking them to the new Organization Now that you have the Organization setup, you can now start creating the actual child Accounts in Vitally, linking them to the parent Organization.

Step 4: Link all users to the new Organization Again, following the steps outlined for your desired integration around how to link Users to Organizations, ensure Users that were associated to the original Account are properly linked to the new Organization.

Do not delete the cloned Account! Once you complete all steps here, you'll have an Organization and Account that look similar. Thus, you might have an urge to delete the Account to keep things tidy. We strongly encourage not doing this. Reason being, all data owned by the Account, including tasks, notes, and product events, will also be deleted. Instead, we recommend simply renaming the Account in a way that makes it clear it is actually an Organization and should be disregarded by your users - e.g. "Visa (clone - disregard)"

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