April Release Notes

Fresh out the oven, check out what's new in Vitally

April 2023

Playbook Updates

More Audience Filters
You can now filter Playbooks based on Tasks and Notes within the Audience Filter, making it easy to find the automations you need.
Select the Audience the Playbook is targeting so you can navigate to it quickly
Conversation Unsubscribe Options
The phrasing in the Unsubscribe option in Playbooks has been updated to be more clear. When using the “Start a conversation” Playbook action, make sure to read both options carefully so that your emails either respect or bypass unsubscribed users.
Choose whether you want to send emails to only subscribed users or all users even if they have unsubscribed

Integration Updates

HubSpot Integration: Introducing Hierarchy Support
We're excited to announce that Vitally's HubSpot integration now supports Hierarchy syncing, making it easier than ever to integrate your hierarchy levels from HubSpot into Vitally.
With Hierarchy support, Customer Success teams can mirror their HubSpot setup into Vitally, eliminating the need to switch between systems for certain data points. In addition to mapping HubSpot Companies to Vitally Accounts, teams can now sync any HubSpot object (such as Deals, Custom Objects, and more) to a Vitally Account or Organization.
To enable hierarchy, navigate to your Settings -> Integrations -> HubSpot Configuration.
Read the blog post to learn more!
Rest API
You can now GET, PUT and POST Organization linked Conversations with our REST API. View the documentation here.

Additional Updates

Organization Level Updates
Organizations are now filterable by the following properties:
  • Last message received from organization
  • Last message sent to organization
  • Open conversations count
  • Total conversations count
  • Pending conversations count
These can be used to trigger and filter in Playbooks, sort and filter Organization Views, define Organization health scores, and much more.
You can now filter by Organizational activities
Vitally users can also filter Pending and Active Conversations using Organization filters.
Sort Conversations with a variety of filters
NPS Improvements
The NPS Response Breakdown visualization within the NPS Analytics report now includes responses from users that are deactivated. This update provides overall enhancements to the speed and accuracy of NPS reports.