Embed Looker dashboards and graphs in a Vitally dashboard.

Vitally's native integration with Looker allows you to embed your Looker dashboards and graphs directly into any Vitally dashboard alongside your other widgets.

Enabling the Looker integration

Enabling the Looker integration requires access to your Embed Secret. Once you have that, navigate to Integrations -> Looker in your Account Settings (get there via Quick Jump). Once you click the switch in the top right, you'll be asked for an Embed Secret:

Adding Looker reports to a Vitally dashboard

  1. Navigate to a Vitally dashboard > add widget > add iframe

2. Navigate to Looker to copy the iframe URL for the report or dashboard

Use Lookers URL Validator to confirm the configuration is correct

3. Add a title and paste the dashboard URL

Adding Looker reports to Cards

Iframe profile card allows you to embed Looker dashboards for a specific Organization/ Account/ User in their Vitally profiles

  1. Navigate to Settings on the top right of your Vitally account

  2. Click on Cards and Decks under Data Management

  3. Decide if this is for Organizations, Accounts, or Users (Let's say this is for Accounts)

  4. Then select the Create/manage your option

  5. Switch over to Accounts Cards

  6. Click on Create a Data Card

    1. Name your card

    2. Under Type switch to iFrame embeds

    3. Add your iFrame URL

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