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How to Navigate Vitally

Navigating Vitally with 'Quick Jump' and other Shortcuts
Getting to your Settings is via your logo on the top left. Once you select your logo, you'll get a dropdown with your options of:
  • Home
  • Settings
  • Help
  • Invite Team members (not available for all roles)
  • Logout
You'll find Personal Settings, Templates, Organization settings, Customer Management, Data Management, or Activity items under Settings.
This is where you can edit sending windows, build templates, edit billing information, create Playbooks, Categories, manage/configure Integrations, and many other actions. Below, you'll see all the options you'll see as an Admin. If you are an observer or a teammate, your settings menu will be significantly shorter. Find out more about roles HERE.
The Help option in the drop-down gives you these available options:
  • Help Center is where our documentation lives.
  • Status page keeps you update to date on any incidents affecting Vitally's performance
  • Quick Jump allows you to teleport anywhere in Vitally
  • Chat opens up a chat box to chat with the Support Team
  • Blog is where you can browse product updates, industry insights and more
  • You can view/follow us on Twitter!
  • Email [email protected] if you have questions for the Vitally CS Team
Quick jump allows you to transport to easily around Vitally without having to click around too much. You can easily get to places like:
  • Integrations
  • Lifecycle Tracking
  • Segments
  • Indicators
  • Playbooks
  • Settings
  • Etc...
You can open the quick jump window with specific keyboard shortcuts:
  • Mac: ⌘ + j
  • Windows: Alt + j
The help menu also has a link to open Quick Jump:
You'll see a + Create New button on the bottom left of the panel. Simply clicking on the menu lets you skip navigating to settings and immediately start creating! Here you can create:
  • Notes
  • Tasks
  • Start Conversation
  • Create Project
  • Create Doc
  • Create Playbook
  • Create Success Metric
  • Create Element
  • Invite Teammate (if you use SSO, you are unable to use this option)
  • Create Account
  • Create User