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Limit audience for NPS surveys

In addition to setting the default configuration for your NPS Surveys to establish a cadence, you can limit the audience of your Vitally NPS surveys to show only to specific users using a Playbook!

Step 1: Create a playbook that targets users that match your desired conditions

For example, let's say you only wanted to survey users where the role trait equals admin. First, create a playbook that targets users, and add a rule to that playbook targeting users with the admin role.
Then, add an action to your playbook to show users matching your rules Vitally's NPS surveys.

Step 2: Configure your NPS settings to only show surveys to users matching playbooks

At the bottom of your NPS settings, you'll see an option asking if you'd like to show surveys to all users or only those matching Playbooks. Choose the latter here. This setting paired with the above playbook will now ensure that only users matching your playbook's rules are displayed NPS surveys!