March Release Notes

Fresh out the oven, check out what's new in Vitally

March 2023

Playbook Updates

Trigger Playbooks off of Tasks
We’ve added a new automation trigger that allows you to create Playbooks off of Tasks! This functionality allows teams to improve productivity and automate even more workflows. You can now build automation based off of Account, User, Organization, Note, Custom Object, and Task rules.
GIF showcasing Vitally Tasks used as a trigger in a Playbook automation build
Optimize your Customer Success workflows using Tasks as triggers
Example Use Cases:
  • Each time a “Customer Call” Task is completed -> send a personalized follow up email
  • Each time an “Onboarding Meeting” Task is created -> create a new “Onboarding” Doc (with a Project!)
  • If you tag Tasks with priority levels such as low, medium, or high priority
    • Each time a “High Priority” Task passes its deadline without being completed -> create a Risk Indicator on the Account
  • If you have a Task to “Send out action items” after a meeting -> create a follow up Doc to share those items

Doc Updates

Collapsible Sections
You can now put a collapsible section into Docs and Doc Templates using the /section command! With sections, teams can better organize and categorize customer-facing information. For example, you could have different sections on an Implementation Guide such as a welcome section, a resources list, an onboarding checklist, and much more.
When you insert a section, this will create an indented block with a toggle that can be clicked to expand or collapse the section. Any other element can be put inside a section, except for another section.
GIF showing that you can add collapsible sections in a Vitally Doc
Create sections in your Docs so you can share information more effectively

Integration Updates

HubSpot Integration: Organization CSM & AE Sync
You can now configure which HubSpot Company traits represent your CSMs & Account Executives and also configure whether you want Vitally to only sync traits in, only push them out, or both. To make this change, visit your Integrations page -> HubSpot -> Accounts/Organizations.
Picture of the HubSpot integration settings, showing you can configure the sync for CSM and AE assignments
Select the HubSpot trait that identifies your CSM and AE roles, and choose how Vitally should sync these assignments
Zendesk Integration: Sync Internal Notes
We now support syncing internal notes on Zendesk tickets (i.e. private notes left by Zendesk agents). To enable this, navigate to your Settings -> Integrations -> Zendesk. Under the “Tickets” configuration tab, you’ll see a new option to enable the sync.
In Vitally, private notes will appear with a yellow background in Conversation panels.
Note: By default, this option is unchecked to maintain the current behavior of the integration where these notes are not synced.

Additional Updates

Add Buttons to Conversations
You can now add customizable buttons to Conversations and Conversation Templates. To use this functionality, go to your Conversation editor and use the /button command. You can customize the button link, text, color, and more. To preview how your email appears, click the “Preview” link on the bottom right hand corner of the Conversation editor.
GIF showing that you can add customizable buttons to Conversations (emails)
Make Conversations stand out by linking your calendar, demo videos, and much more
Click to Dial Phone Numbers
If you are using dialer extensions with Vitally, this update is for you!
If your Traits in Vitally contain a phone number, we will attempt to automatically detect it. If we do detect a phone number, our system will render that number as a hyperlink, allowing users to simply click and call the number.
Bulk Update Tasks
You can now select multiple completed Tasks in Vitally and mark them as “not complete”, making it easier for users to manage and update Tasks all at once.
Picture showing that you can bulk mark tasks as not complete
Use Vitally’s bulk editor to change Task assignees, due dates, categories, and completion status
Email Unsubscribes
Previously, if an outgoing Conversation was created with a delay and the recipient unsubscribed from emails before it was sent, we would still send the email. Now, our platform checks the unsubscribe status at the time of sending as well as when the Conversation is created in order to properly exclude unsubscribed recipients.