July Release Notes

Fresh out the oven, check out what's new in Vitally

July 2023

New Feature

Calculated Traits to Track and Analyze Data Over Time
Use Calculated Traits to track a variety of metrics over time
We’re excited to announce the release of Calculated Traits, a new form of Custom Traits in Vitally that unlocks more ways for Customer Success teams to track and analyze customer data.
With Calculated Traits, you can now easily track the value of any data object over time for Accounts and Organizations. Calculated Traits have the added layer of not just grabbing a snapshot of data at a given moment, but actually calculating and updating it over time.
Example Use Cases:
  • Sum of Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) across closed/won opportunities
  • Count of Conversations from Intercom/Zendesk/etc. over the last X days
  • Sum of 'Hours Worked' from Tasks completed in the last X days

Playbook Updates

Add a Creator to Doc Automation
Specify a Key Role or User when automatically creating a Doc
When selecting ‘Create an Account/Organization Doc’ from your list of Playbook actions, you’ll now see two additional fields to specify the creator of the Doc. Choose either a Key Role or a specific User/Fallback User to assign.

Editing Enhancements

We’ve shipped an overhaul to the cut, copy, and paste functions in Docs, Notes, and other rich text fields to support better editing capabilities.
Accounts/Orgs Linked in Docs
The Account or Organization in a Doc now links to the corresponding customer 360 profile.

Integration Updates

Our REST API now supports fetching Projects. Visit the documentation to learn more.
Fallback IDs for Data Warehouses
Previously, secondary/fallback IDs were only available for CRM integrations (Salesforce and HubSpot). Now, you can set a fallback ID with your data warehouse.
CSV Export Enhancements
We now support exporting Projects and Custom Objects to a CSV. We also improved the performance of CSV exports to make data downloads much faster.
Filter Organization Views by Doc Templates
You can filter any Organization View by when a specific Doc Template was used (or not used).