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Reporting 101 - Digging into your customer datasets with Accounts lists

Vitally provides you with immediate access to any customer segment + any customer dataset.

Navigating & Filtering

Vitally's UI is quite powerful, providing you with immediate access to any segment of accounts + any set of customer data belonging to those accounts. The datasets Vitally provides access to are broken up into 4 categories (Dashboards, Relationships, Activity and Reporting) located on the left-hand navigation bar in the UI, which include:

  • Dashboards (Beta)

    • Custom dashboards - Advanced reports based on all of your customer data and activity objects in Vitally

  • Relationships

    • Accounts - A list of your current (or churned) accounts

    • Users - A list of your current (or churned) users

  • Activity

    • Projects - A list of active and completed customer projects

    • Tasks - A list of current & past completed tasks

    • Indicators - A list of current active & past ended indicators

    • Conversations - Current active + pending conversations

    • Notes - A list of notes taken in Vitally, from most to least recent

  • Reporting

    • Customers - Analysis of your historical SaaS KPIs (e.g. revenue, churn, NPS, etc)

    • Trials - Analysis of your trial KPIs

    • Team - A showcase of metrics for each CSM's or AE's customer portfolio

    • NPS Analytics & Responses - A list of NPS responses, either submitted using Vitally's NPS add-on or tracked via Zapier

At the right-hand side of the UI is our Filters Pane, where you'll see a collection of filters and facets. As you modify the options, whichever Data View is displayed will auto-limit its data based on your filters.

For example, if you are in your Customers Reporting view and you select Subscribed customers, then add a custom filter for MRR is greater than $200, revenue KPIs are only displayed for customers who pay you more than $200 a month!


Columns are the individual data points available to you for your accounts. There are dozens, and often hundreds, of columns, and every column can be viewed, sorted, reordered, and filtered on. Columns include:

To add, remove, or reorder columns, simply click the Columns icon in the top right.

Sorting accounts You can order displayed accounts by any column simply by clicking on that column's header in the accounts list.

Creating Views

You can also save pre-built Account and User Explorer views with saved columns and filters, so specific combinations of data are easily and readily accessible. Read our article on Views to learn more!