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October Release Notes

Fresh out the oven, check out what's new in Vitally

October 2023

New Feature

Level Up Your Conversations with HTML Emails
Create engaging, visually stunning emails with HTML
When building Conversation Templates, you’ll see a new option for HTML! To get started, simply copy and paste your HTML code in the ‘HTML Message’ portion of the template builder.
From there, you can make edits to the code as needed and even insert Vitally Variables from Accounts/Organizations, Users, and Senders. On the bottom right corner, you’ll see the ability to ‘Preview’ a template before publishing it.
If you’re writing a one-off email, you can also utilize HTML by simply swapping the Format from ‘Standard Rich Text’ to ‘HTML’ in your Conversation window.

Hubs Updates

Note: If you are not in Vitally’s new platform experience yet, read this article or reach out to your Vitally admin to learn more.
Improved Experience for Creating/Editing Hubs and Views
A more streamlined way to create Hubs
When creating a new Hub or editing an existing Hub, you’ll see a new, more intuitive interface. We’ve simplified the UI to make it easier to customize the settings for a Hub, invite members, and more.
Add a new View to your Hub by selecting from six different View types
In addition, we have improved the user interface for creating Views. With ‘Existing Views’, you can select multiple Views at a time to add them to your Hub.
Select multiple Views from your existing library to add them all at once

Integration Updates

Zendesk: Map Additional Ticket Fields
You can now map in new native Zendesk ticket fields into Vitally. The new fields supported are:
  • Assignee email
  • Assignee ID
  • Group ID
  • Priority
  • Status
  • Submitter ID
Navigate to your Integrations page -> Zendesk -> Tickets in order to make these updates
Salesforce: ‘Created By’ Property
We will now store the Created By property for Salesforce Custom Objects in Vitally. We've backfilled this data for all existing customers using SFDC Custom Objects. If you are not seeing the Created By property populated for your Custom Objects, please contact our support team.
Note: For this functionality to work, the Salesforce Custom Object must have a CreatedById property.
Slack: Support for Organizations
Our Slack integration supports notifications for Organizations! When configuring your Slack integration, you’ll see new events for:
  • An Organization is added to Vitally
  • An Organization enters/exits a Segment
In addition, you’ll also have the ability to filter down events for specific segments.
Our REST endpoint for Custom Object Instances now reveals archivedAt, and allows for filtering with the query param archived. More on our REST API here.

Additional Updates

CSV Exports for All Table Views
Export all Table Views including Indicators, Pending Conversations, and Docs as a CSV. Additionally, Account/Organization columns added to activity object Table Views will be included in exports. Simply click the export icon
on the top right corner of each Table View to download your CSV.
Added Overall NPS
Table Views for NPS Responses now show the total number of responses along with the overall NPS for the responses within the table.
Trait Names in Cards
Previously in Cards, Trait names with too many characters were clipped. Now when you hover over a long Trait name, the full name will be shown.
Use Cards to organize and display relevant customer data throughout Vitally