Vitally can be used as a powerful task management system for helping guide day-to-day priorities for your team.

Vitally's task management system functions like a daily and upcoming to-do list for your team and individual CSMs. Tasks can of course be created manually, but Vitally can also automatically generate tasks via our automated Playbooks, creating a powerful system of proactively helping direct CSMs to what they should pay attention to.

Creating tasks

Tasks can be created in three ways: (1) manually, (2) automatically via Playbooks, or optionally (3) through Salesforce, if you use Salesforce and have configured your Salesforce integration.

For (1), you can create new Tasks from a number of different places. The first place is off of your Task view in the top left via the blue "ADD TASK" button. Likewise, you can also create Tasks off the Task tab inside of an account.

For (2), take a look at our Playbooks set up guide; once you determine when you'd like to have a Task automatically created, you can select "Create a Task" as an automated action.

Lastly, for (3), existing Open Activities of Salesforce can be configured to sync to Vitally. Likewise, any Tasks created via (1) or (2) can be pushed to Salesforce. Completing a task in either Vitally or Salesforce will also complete the task in the other, preventing any accidents or lack of clarity on whether a Task was done in one system or another. Read our Salesforce docs for more info.

Task settings

When you create a Task, you have several options to add additional detail and allow for easy sorting and management. These include: the account the Task is related to, which Vitally user the Task should be assigned to, the due date, any notes about the Task (you can use rich formatting and embed pictures as well), and finally, one or many tags to help quickly sort Tasks of the same kind.

Viewing tasks

You can access and view Tasks out of the left hand navigation, or within the detail page of an Account.

By default, whether viewing Tasks within the overall Task view, or within an Account, you'll see all Incomplete (aka open) Tasks, regardless of who they are assigned to. If you wish to narrow down Tasks to a different view, you can toggle the Filter icon and configured options such as viewing Completed Tasks, All Tasks, who the Task was assigned to, who the Task was completed by, Tags, or completion/creation date.

@ mentioning your teammates

Want to get a specific teammate's attention? Simply @ mention them, and we'll send them an in-app, email, and Slack notification (if they have each enabled).