As emails are sent from Vitally, we inject a tracking pixel into the email to determine when your users view the email. You can view whether emails are then opened by your users in 2 ways:

Viewing if a specific message was opened

When viewing a conversation thread in Vitally, we'll show an indicator to the top right of the message indicating if it has been seen yet or not.

Viewing open rates for a specific template

If you use Playbooks to auto-send a specific template, or if you simply manually send a template from Vitally, we'll also track all-time opens of each of your templates. To view your open rates, as well as reply, bounce, and unsubscribe rates, navigate to Settings -> Conversation Settings. Click Templates, and we'll display stats for all your templates 🎉

Pro tip: A quicker way to navigate to templates - just open our 'Quick jump' window (via the Cmd+k shortcut) and search for "Templates"!