When auto-creating a conversation using our Playbooks feature, there are two types of delays to consider that affect 1) if your pending conversation gets created and 2) how much of a delay should occur between the point of conversation creation and when the conversation is actually delivered to the customer.

The delay on the Playbook 'action'

When defining your Playbook and adding a 'Start a conversation' action, you'll see this option: Once the playbook is active, apply the below action on day X. is configurable and defaults to 0 (i.e. start a conversation as soon as the playbook is applied).

This delay defines the amount of time required for the account to match your Playbook's rules before creating the (pending) conversation. 

The conversation delay

Once you add an action to your Playbook to start a conversation with the account, you'll also see this option when defining your conversation: Give my team X [hours/days] to review conversations before sending. The default here is "1 day".

This delay acts as a review period for your team. Once the account matches your Playbook's rules for the specified delay above, the conversation gets created at that point and the scheduled date to send the conversation is set to current_time + conversation delay.