If your customer data (e.g. your Segment/Mixpanel/Intercom data, the data you track via our Analytics API, etc) already sends traits (e.g. an mrr trait) or events (e.g. a "Subscribed to plan" event) that detail the customer's subscription with your company, you simply need to 'whitelist' that data as 'lifecycle' data in Vitally in order to enable our subscription tracking abilities.

Please see these articles for more info:

  • Enabling trial tracking
  • Enabling subscription/revenue tracking 
  • Enabling churn tracking

Enriching your customer data with MRR

Sometimes, your customer data may be missing an MRR trait but contain data like the plan the customer is subscribed to. In that case, you can leverage Custom Traits + Rules to auto-enrich your customers in Vitally with each customer's MRR. Here's how that would work:

  • First, create a custom trait - let's say we name it MRR.
  • Then, setup Rules that auto-update each customer's MRR trait using the subscription traits you do track (e.g. create rules that operate on customers whose planName equals 'Pro'). Add a "Update a custom trait" action to your rules, select the MRR trait you created above, and assign the right value to the trait (i.e. if your 'Pro' plan costs $75/month, enter 75).
  • Finally, configure subscription/revenue tracking to track MRR using your new MRR trait!