If you're a Segment user, you can configure Vitally to send data back to Segment for distribution to your other destinations. This article explains how our push integrations work as well as the data we will push to Segment.

How data gets pushed to Segment

Vitally pushes data to Segment via the group API. Each time we detect that an account should be pushed to Segment (using the logic detailed here), we'll send a group call for every user in the account. We will not send identify calls for those Users, just groups associating their id with the Customer's groupId and the traits defined here.

Setting up Vitally as a Segment source

Create a new source in Segment

So that you can isolate the data sent from Vitally from your other sources, we recommend creating a new source for Vitally in Segment using the HTTP API template. That way, you can decide which destinations you want to receive data from Vitally.

Creating an HTTP API source for Vitally
Add the write key to your Segment config

After creating the new source in Segment, enable sending group calls in your Segment integration settings and add the write key for the Vitally source.

Configuring group calls
Connect Vitally source to destinations

In Segment, the new Vitally source will not be connected to the same destinations as your existing sources. Connect the Vitally source to a new destination to get your data flowing!