As Vitally is geared towards B2B companies, we must be able to associate each user to the account/customer they belong to. Segment provides 2 different APIs to achieve this result.

Group API (recommended)
A dedicated API that directly identifies the customer/organization a user belongs to.

If you use the Group API, then the only other requirement is to ensure your `Group API calls have a name trait attached to them. If so, then you are all set!

Identify API
An API that tracks users. If you don't use the Group API, your Identify API calls must send along certain traits that specify the customer:

  • Customer name trait - A trait that identifies the (readable) name of the customer the user belongs to (e.g. "Visa")
  • Customer ID trait - A trait that specifies a unique ID for your customers. Ideally, this value never changes for the customer (e.g. "", "ed8fcc72-dbe5-4a9c-9d03-59e456462626")

    It is not recommended to select the same name trait here, as companies can share or change their names. Only select the name trait if it is your only option.
The ID trait you select here is very important to unifying your customer data in Vitally. If you leverage our other integrations to track other customer data (e.g. Stripe), the ID you select here will also need to exist in those other tools in order for Vitally to properly unify your data under the right account.
  • Other customer traits - Any traits attached to Identify API calls that actually relate to the customer the user belongs to (e.g. the customer's plan, subscription cost, industry). These traits will be attached to customers in Vitally, allowing you to use them when analyzing customers.