Vitally's Segment integration allows you to sync your Segment data into your Vitally account in real time. When fully configured, you'll be able to run reports on your Segment data from within Vitally and track your product's features and metrics with tools like Elements and Success Metrics.

To enable the Segment integration in Vitally, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the Segment integration page within Vitally's Integrations list. This can be found in your Account Settings in Vitally by navigating to the Integration catalog.
  • In a separate tab/window, make sure you are logged into your Segment account
  • Configure the Segment integration via the one-click "Enable with Segment" button. Choose the primary source of product usage data in Segment and Segment will automatically create a destination for Vitally:
  • You'll now be able to see and manage your Vitally destination directly from your Segment workspace: 
  • That's it! Once we receive at least 1 event from Segment, you'll be able to proceed with the setup process and configure how to create accounts from Segment
Heads up! Once Segment is configured, it could take a few minutes before we receive any events. Be sure you have active users generating Segment events after the Vitally destination is configured to ensure we receive recent data from Segment.