Views are real-time, shareable reports that can satisfy any business need.

Vitally can track a ton of data about your customers - from subscription details to product engagement data to anything in between. With so many data points available, you'll likely want to be able to easily revisit the most critical information about your customers. Views give you the ability to save common customer reports and revisit them with ease. Let's take a look!

Creating & Accessing Views

Let's say your product has an onboarding process that asks users to setup a couple of integrations and use a few features. Being able to easily view how new customers are progressing through this process is likely pretty important. In Vitally, you can easily build a report that prioritizes this information:

Then, to turn this report into a View, simply click the Save View button and give your view a name.

You'll then be able to revisit this View (with updated data) at any time by selecting it via the Views dropdown in the top left.

What's saved in a View?

Everything! That includes:

  • Visible columns and ordering
  • Filters
  • Sorted column
  • 'Sum' option (i.e. whether totals show number of customers or aggregated MRR)

Managing Views

Once a View is created, it can be cloned, edited, and deleted by hovering over a View in the dropdown list and clicking the 'options' icon. You can even select a View to be the default upon future visits. Note that this default applies to all users - i.e. your teammates will see the default view on future visits as well (not just you).

Wondering how Views work in practice? Check out our example Views in our live demo!