By default, Vitally assumes every customer created from your analytics service has an active subscription with your company. Naturally though, that's not always the case - many companies start with a free trial and paying customers sometimes cancel their subscription. Vitally provides several features that help you track this entire customer lifecycle.

Revenue & renewal tracking

For your subscribed, paying customers, Vitally gives you the ability to track each customer's MRR plus their renewal date. When configured, we'll automatically enable these features for you:

1. Track and update each customer's MRR as it changes.
2. Track when a customer's subscription is set to renew and highlight when that is approaching.
3. Showcase how many paying customers are new, have an upcoming renewal date, or are past due.
4. Highlight total MRR across customers as you run reports.
5. Calculate total MRR across dynamic customer sets of customers - e.g. engaged vs unengaged, customer with active Indicators, etc.

Additionally, in our Element and Success Metric histograms, you'll be able to aggregate customers by MRR.

Learn how to setup revenue & renewal tracking

Trial tracking

More often than not, your business will have a mix of current trials and active, paying customers. Since it is common for teams to manage trials differently than paying customers, you can easily keep these two separate in Vitally. When configured, you'll be able to:

1. View your trials separately from your paying customers.
2. Track when trials are set to end.
3. Automatically move expired trials to an 'Unconverted' stage, where they can be viewed separately from active trials.

Learn how to setup trial tracking

Churn tracking

Unfortunately, churn happens, and Vitally helps you analyze and learn from that churn. When churn tracking is enabled, you'll be able to:

1. Automatically track when customers churn, which moves them into a separate view from your active, paying customers.
2. Easily see how much MRR has churned over the last 30 days.
3. View and analyze each customer's product usage prior to their cancellation to better understand why they churned.

Learn how to setup churn tracking